NOTE: I am working through orders on a first-come first-serve basis and working as hard as possible for you :) - Russ

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wire do you use?

We use the finest Nichrome 80 (NI80), Stainless Steel (SS316L), and Kanthal A-1 (KA-1) wire from leaders in the purest vaping wire, Twisted Messes and Kidney Puncher. This ensures our customers have the finest experience possible when using our handmade coils.


Are the products you sell authentic?

We only sell 100% authentic products on our website. We firmly believe in not only being 100% truthful to our customers, but also in supporting the original creators of the product and appreciate their time and effort in creating the products we love. We promise to never sell you a clone product.


Where can I contact you?

You may contact us by visiting our contact page here or by calling us here. You may also drop a message to us if you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we aim to respond within the same working day.


Custom coil orders & Pre-fire services

We now have a custom coil order form on selected coil product pages that allow you to choose your perfect coil almost like you would a topping for a pizza.

We also offer a pre-fire service (under the stipulations outlined below) for those who may be unable to fire their coil due to regulated device restrictions (initially, a coil may fire below a common 0.1 ohm cut off on regulated devices), making it so you can still enjoy exotic  handmade coils without the need of a device that fires below 0.1 ohms!

Please note, we only have the following wire gauges in for Stainless Steel (SS316L) and Kanthal A-1 (KA-1):

Stainless Steel 316L:

  • 26G
  • 28G
  • 36G
  • 40G
  • .5mm x .1mm Ribbon

Kanthal A-1:

  • 24G
  • 26G
  • 27G
  • 36G
  • 40G
  • 42G
  • .3mm x .1mm ribbon


We tend to keep a very large stock of Nichrome 80 (N80) wire in stock as this is the staple to our selection.

If we not have the gauges above in stock at the time of you ordering but will try our best to get a like-for-like ohm on your coil of choice with your metal material of choice.

Orders may either be cancelled or changed if you do not choose these following gauges and we apologise in advance if we do not have the specific gauge you wanted. More gauges will become available as we get them in and will be reflected above. Ohms will always be an estimate with custom orders.

Please note that this is a BETA service and we cannot always fulfill custom orders especially those who require pre-fire service. While we of course would love to make them all, there is only so many coils we can make in a day :)

We will try our utmost to make sure we can pre-fire your coil before dispatch though this is sadly not a guarantee unless stated you do not mind waiting on your order to be dispatched it just entirely depends upon our availability at the time of ordering. Please do get in touch however if you are unable to fire the coils without our help and we will certainly pre-fire for you under the stipulation that there may be an extra few days lead time :) 

Please drop us an email or call us and we will strive to create the coil you're looking for with the perfect wraps and ohms for your needs!