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Green Monkey CBD Drink
Green Monkey CBD Drink
Green Monkey CBD Drink
Green Monkey CBD Drink
Green Monkey CBD Drink

Green Monkey CBD Drink

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The new drink, called Green Monkey combines mixed fruit flavours with high quality CBD, a legal and non psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant.


Green Monkey has received backing from the pharmacy industry and contains 10mg of CBD in every 250ml can.



  • Price per 250ml can.
  • Carbonated drink containing 10mg CBD per 250ml can.
  • First Cannabidol (CBD) Carbonated Drink in the UK.
  • A carbonated drink infused with cannabidol (CBD).
  • CBD studies show that it could help to alleviate anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders and chronic pain
Green Monkey is the very first CBD infused carbonated drink available to purchase in the UK, and is being sold in pharmacies and online.


Green Monkey comes to market at a time of huge interest in the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol, and after publication of many recent that suggest CBD may help alleviate stress and anxiety, aid relaxation and benefit those experiencing a wide range of health conditions.


The new carbonated drink has undergone rigorous testing to achieve regulatory compliance in the UK and its manufacturers, Green Monkey Drinks Limited, have spent months formulating a combined fruit and CBD taste to successfully compete in the soft drinks market. Green Monkey will be positioned as the opposite to well-established energy brands.


Green Monkey is backed by the Jhoots Pharmacy chain and pharmaceutical distributor AV Pharma, and both have been heavily involved in the development and legal compliance of the beverage.


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