Kidney Puncher Wire Kidney Puncher Nichrome 80 Wire

Kidney Puncher Nichrome 80 Wire

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Kidney Puncher Nichrome 80 wire - 100ft spools (Ribbon wire) and 250ft-1000ft spools available. If you are interested in smaller spools or different gauge wire, please contact us.

We use KP wire for our ribbon based builds and are extremely impressed with how the ribbon comes off of the spool straight with zero kinks and lays flat with each other.

Genuine Sandvik Wire - Smelted in Sweden, Milled in the USA.

Higher gauge wire is only for coil craft/clapton builds!  You will need good eyesight, steady hands and a lot of patience! Smaller gauge wire is used primarily for core wires, though they can also be used for single core builds.


  • Contains 80% nickel, 20% chromium, iron free!

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