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Interstellar Vaping Handmade Coil Series Fused Clapton Coil
Interstellar Vaping Handmade Coil Series Fused Clapton Coil
Interstellar Vaping Handmade Coil Series Fused Clapton Coil

Series Fused Clapton Coil

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Product Description:

Our 28g series fused claptons consist of two ‘core’ wires of Kidney Puncher Ni80 wire in parallel that are ‘fused’ with 40g Twisted Messes wire to form a fine clapton around the paralleled wire. 
Please take a look at what our customers have to say with our customer reviews at the bottom of the page.
Great flavour with a smooth feel and finish that will look like shiny guitar strings! A great feature of fused claptons is that due to the fusing portion, juice can sit inside of the coil and act as a reservoir of sorts making you need to drip less often if you’re using an RDA!
These coils are wrapped with a 3.5mm inner diameter.
Please note that these are for built for series devices so please ensure your atomizer can fit these larger coils before purchasing. We recommend a minimum of a 24mm+ deck space.
28g 8 Wrap Ohms (Avg.) 0.36-0.37 

You will receive a set of two coils inside glass vials with a free sample of the fantastic Cotton Junkie by Wick Addiction. Both coils and vials are ultrasonically cleaned multiple times and handled using ceramic tweezers ensuring no one touches your coils until you have them in your own hands!

Coiled range of handmade coils by Interstellar Vaping. Premium Fused Clapton, Alien Coil (Tri-Core Alien), Series Coils, Framed Staple Fused Clapton, Staple Coils, Framed Alien Coils

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Customer Reviews

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Note: Resistance can vary depending on leg length between the coil and terminals.

These coils may initially fire below 0.1Ω due to the resistance of the wire so please ensure either your regulated device fires below 0.1 or you pre-fire on a mechanical device to raise the ohms and finish working out hot spots on a regulated device. We recommend firing if possible on a DNA device, or a device that can fire as low as 0.05Ω.

Please ensure you are using high amperage cells such as authentic Sony VTC4, 5 or 6's.

Please note, installing these types of coils are different from regular wire. Pulse very slowly on a low wattage at first as they will have many hot spots until all of the wire settles down due to how intricate the coils are. Strum and grip the coils with ceramic tweezers until the hot spots are all gone and the coils are heating up from the centre outward.
For coil maintenance, once the coil has started to ‘gunk’ up due to the suclarose in your e-juice (While our coils will last longer than others, gunk build up is unavoidable due to some juice brands opting for heavy amounts of suclarose in their juice lines), we recommend putting your atty on a regulated device (Preferably one you do not use often), setting the wattage to around 50-60w and ‘pulsing’ them with no cotton until they heat up a dark orange, stopping the pulsing and quickly ‘dip’ the coils under a warm tap while the coils are still hot ensuring the tap is a very weak stream of water as to not accidentally leak water on your regulated device. ‘Dip’ the coils around 3 times and you should see them look almost as new as you got them! Leave to dry, re-wick and enjoy full flavour again!
Advanced users only! Interstellar Vaping is not responsible for any harm or damage caused by using any of our products and due care and attention is required at all times. If you do not understand Ohms Law, battery safety and the safe max amperage of your cells please do not use these coils.  If you wish to learn more about this before using, please consult battery ‘Mooch’s data sheets on the safe amperage of your cells using his battery ratings table of your corresponding cells and purchase the corresponding ohm coils. Steam Engine is also a fantastic collection of calculators to determine the amps draw of these coils. Please use two cell regulated devices with these coils to share the amperage draw.

Please note:

We are in no way affiliated to the above website. We hope it helps you in working out your perfect coil by calculating your resistance and either volts (mechanical) or watts (regulated).

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review